about our salon

Thanks so much for wanting to know more about what is behind our brand! There is something exciting about hearing how and why businesses have started. I love hearing peoples 'stories' and I am glad you do too!

I wrote this 'about' section a few times. Firstly, aiming to be really professional and then I thought you know what, why not just be ME! I do like to think I am professional, however, there is no better way than hearing someones 'story' than directly from them, so that is what I have decided to do!

My name is Jacinta (you can read more about me in the 'Meet the Team' page) and I am the owner and creator of Lash & Brow Co, formerly known as The Pamper Parlor. It was back in 2011 when I was sitting in the lounge room of our big 4 bedroom house, whilst my soon-to-be husband was at the gym, that I thought I needed more. I needed a hobby like my fiance. I was sick of sitting around over-thinking every little thing that was going on in my body, and in my life. I needed to be busy! (If I could turn back to that 23 year old Jacinta and tell her to enjoy that boredom, I would!) So, I tried scrapbooking for a while, and then making bows for children and then I thought what is it that I am really passionate about? What do I LOVE? And there it was - staring at me right in the face - B E A U T Y ! I loved everything about the beauty industry. And that is where it all began...

I had done a nail course back when I was 17 so I thought I would dust off my nail equipment and start doing nails again. Just for family and friends. That then led onto doing waxing, which led on to tanning, and before I knew it, I was studying how to do lash extensions! My clientele, which was only meant to be family and friends, soon spread to people I didn't know (but began to love) and then before I knew it my spare room turned into my salon! Working full time, and then clients after hours and on weekends, I soon found it hard to fit anything else in and I was definitely no longer bored. I was very fortunate as to how successful I started out and I am always very thankful to those very first clients who trusted me when I was probably not very good. Some of those clients are still visiting us today!

Fast forward to 2016 when I gave birth to our adorable son, Creed, I decided to come back to work and re-brand the whole business to Lash & Brow Co. This was where I decided I only wanted to offer what I enjoyed doing most, and that was, as the name suggests, lashes and brows.

Later that same year I was surprised to find out we were, again, expecting. (Wow! I know!) This meant that there was no longer room in our house for my home salon, and to make room for our beautiful daughter, Sailor, in 2017 we decided to take the next leap and buy our very own commercial salon.


In March of 2018 we opened the doors to our stunning salon to which the business has since expanded by adding staff members, new services and new dimensions of the business, including the "Lash & Brow Co. Academy' and 'Lash & Brow Co. Supplies'. 

A lot has changed over the years except for one thing, and that is the customer service and health and safety. As a team we are dedicated to giving the best customer experience which means you can be assured that the moment you enter our salon you will be treated like royalty. There are no shortcuts taken with Lash & Brow Co. so your satisfaction is guaranteed. This investment (and we call it an 'investment' because that's exactly what it is), is one we take seriously. We understand that lash extensions and beauty services is a luxury and with that we will ensure you have the luxury experience to go with it. Safety is a huge part of the beauty industry and one that isn't always followed as seriously as it is should be. At Lash & Brow Co. we guarantee that we have your health and safety in mind and will not jeopardise this at any expense. 

Located in John Street Pakenham, we are just a short drive off the freeway with accessible parking available.

Go on! Book an appointment - we would love to hear your story! x