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At Lash & Brow Co. we have had extensive training to ensure that we have the technique down pat, after all, it is your eyes that you are playing with and your only given one set...


Applying the correct size eyelash extension is important. Choosing both the right length and weight to apply to each lash is not something that should be guessed, but is something that should be known. At Lash & Brow Co. we know how to correctly size up your lashes to ensure that there is no damage to the eyelash or the eye itself. 



This method is applying one eyelash extension to one natural eyelash. Say goodbye to wearing mascara - this option is great to make your eyes pop! Allow from 1.5 hours for application.

Full Set: $130.00

2 Week Refill: $70.00

2-3 Week Refill: $90.00

3-4 Week Refill: $110.00



This method is applying two to six ultra fine individual eyelash extension to one natural eyelash. These are NOT clusters, the eyelash extensions are picked up together and applied without damaging your natural eyelashes. With double to triple the volume as the Traditional Eyelashes you will be sure to turn heads with these lashes! Allow from 2 hours for application.

Full Set: $160.00

2 Week Refill: $80.00

2-3 Week Refill: $100.00

3-4 Week Refill: $120.00

4-5 Week Refill: $140.00


Lash Lift & Tint.jpg

Are you blessed with amazing long natural lashes and dont necessarily want lash extensions? Maybe your allergic to lash extensions and need an alternative? That is where Lash Lift's are great!

Using a special formula we add curl to your lashes and with the addition of a lash tint, we can make them pop even more.

Price: $80.00 with FREE Eyelash Tint.