Founder and owner of Lash & Brow Co. Jacinta has a huge interest in all things lashes and brows. Wanting to change the standard of the industry it is her goal to ensure each set of lashes and every pair of brows are done so with passion, precision and care. 

Jacinta has over 9 years experience in lashes and over 7 years of experience with brows and offers classic and volume lash extensions as well as brow shaping/waxing, tattoo and tinting/henna. 

Jacinta's mission is to have a well known salon with like-minded staff, only producing high quality results.

In Jacinta's spare time, when she isnt working, you will find her hanging out with her husband and two children. Jacinta loves shopping, meeting with friends, going to the movies and walking. Jacinta's favorite colour is Purple, her favorite number is 3, she barracks for Richmond and her favorite season is summer.

Meet the Lash Family below...



Demi has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to skin and this is where her passion lies. We call her the skin fairy because she only has to wave her little wand and wah-la! You seem to get amazing skin! 

Demi offers all services in the salon and gives an amazing massage! 

In Demi's spare time you will find her hanging out with her family and friends, watching movies, cooking and trying to stay active and healthy. Demi spends too much money on clothes and shoes so she tries her best to stay away from shopping. Demi loves to give back to the community and as such will often donate her time for charities and regularly donates blood. Demi's favorite colour is Green, her favorite number is 17, she barracks loud and proud for Richmond (even if they are loosing), she has a soft spot for animals and her favorite season/s are Autumn and Spring.



Confident, kind and generous are just some words that come to mind when trying to describe our Lash & Brow Co. babe - Jody.

Jody is an experienced make-up artist who has been lashing for a couple of years now. With a strong passion in make-up, Jody is experienced in working with your face shape to create a set of lashes and/or brows that compliments what yo' Momma gave ya! 

Jody offers lash lifts, classic and volume lash extensions as well as brow henna, waxing & tinting and also performs a great facial. 

In Jody's spare time she spends it hanging out with her 8 year old son. She enjoys shopping, brunches and has a massive passion for make-up. Jody's favorite colour is green, her favorite number is 19 and her favorite season is Autumn. Jody barracks for Collingwood, but dont hold that against her!



When you enter Lash & Brow Co., Zizi will be there to greet you. She is sweet, kind, trustworthy and a beautiful girl inside and out. Zizi is your go-to when it comes to appointments and product purchases. She will help you to a drink, organise your after-care, re-schedule or schedule appointments and be sure to follow up your appointments where needed. 

In Zizi's spare time, apart from a good wine and cheese night with her besties, she loves being with her partner and family and especially loves spending time with her two adorable nephews.

Zizi can't pick just one favorite colour but she is a sucker for anything neutral. Zizi enjoys the warmth of Summer and Autumn and her favorite number is 7. When asked what Zizi's footy team is, her reply was "Go Melbourne!" - I know, we thought the same. Poor Ziz! 



Mikaela has come to Lash & Brow Co. with a wealth of knowledge in laser hair removal. This was her initial reason for employment - we needed someone to come to us and treat everyone with the best laser hair removal treatment they've ever received... It was just a bonus that she can do just about everything else too! 

Mikaela is confident and kind and beams happiness from the inside-out. Mikaela has this way about her that makes her clients feel safe and confident. That's a really important trait for our Lash & Brow Co. standards.


When Mikaela isn't at work you will find her spending time with friends, family and her boyfriend. She loves to keep busy so whether that  be going on walks, or, being the big foodie that she is - visiting and trying new restaurants. Although Mikaela loves to keep busy, she also loves a movie/Netflix binge.

Mikaela'a favorite season is Spring and her favorite number is 4. 
If you were to see Mikaela's wardrobe your guess of her favorite colour would be black, but, in fact - its pink!  
Mikaela has one thing in common with Jody that we discovered very quickly - she goes for the same Footy team. Oh no! Yep - another Collingwood supporter!